Roomco : the social media network to make friends or find love !

Roomco is a social media network which allows you to chat with friends, people or groups in real time, within rooms or privately, about a topic of your choice.

How to get Roomco ?

Roomco is available on the Apple Store for iOS and on the Play Store for Android.

Is Roomco free?

Our social media network Roomco is 100% free to download. Operator data charges may apply using Roomco depending on your operator plan. A premium service is available in-app to access exclusive features.

How do you create a Roomco account?

1 Download the iOS version from the Apple Store or the Android version from the Google Play Store.

2 Once download is complete, click on the Roomco icon to open it.

3 Click on Sign up to get started, or select Connect with Facebook to sign in using your Facebook account.

4 You will be asked to create a username and password.

How do you complete your profile?

Just click on your photo on the top right inside the app, you can then edit your email, password, photos and your blocked users list, or invite friends.

How do you start a new chat?

To start a new chat you can create a room from the search bar, if it doesn't already exist, you can also join an existing room through the search bar or by using the existing listings on the home page. Simply click on a room to access it.

How do the rooms work on our social media network ?

Rooms are limited to 50 people.  If a room is full the word "full" will appear in red next to the room name.

You can only access one room at a time.

Rooms are closing automatically after 24h, you can see a countdown for each public room. Once the countdown over, everyone still in the room are going back to the home page.

Each room name is unique. All posted rooms are public and their contents are viewable by all users.

The record of the last 50 messages is continuously updated. To see more historic just slide down.

You can also decide to receive notifications for a specific room by clicking on the bell at the top right of each room.

Three icons will be visible below each room name:

-a pink icon to indicate all "female" roomers in this room.

-a blue icon to indicate all "male" roomers in this room.

-a grey icon to indicate the "other" roomers in this room.

How do you start chatting on Roomco?

To kick start a conversation just use the alphanumeric keyboard on your screen within your private chat or within a room.

You can click on the photo of another roomer to view their profile.

You will then be able to chat privately with this roomer by clicking on "message", to add them to your favourites, to report or block them (you can block a maximum of 10 people per day, to block more you will be invited to become a VIP roomer).

How do you add rooms or roomers to your favourites?

To add a room to your favourites just click on the star at the top right of each room

To add a roomer to your favourites, click on their profile and click on the star to automatically add them.

It's also possible to add a roomer to your favourites from inside the favourites page by entering the roomer's username.

You can add up to a maximum of 50 rooms and 50 roomers to your favourites. To add more rooms or roomers you need to become a VIP roomer.

How and why to become a VIP roomer ?

By subscribing to a VIP package you will have access to exclusive features:

-creating a VIP room which you can choose to make public/ private/ temporary.

-be the admin of your VIP room which will allow you to kick out people from your room with a ban of 24h

If you make your VIP room public, this will appear on the VIP rooms lists.

If you choose to make your VIP room private, you will then need to create a password and communicate it to the roomers of your choice so they can get access.

-choose the duration of this VIP room by clicking on "Time limit".

-create a read only room, where you alone can write within the room and other readers can only read.

-choose the number of roomers allowed inside your room. you can include over 50 roomers.

-choose which colour to write in by clicking on the paintbrush which will display the palette.

-block an unlimited number or roomers per day.

-add as many favourite rooms and roomers as you wish.

-receive a notification when a place becomes free in a full room.

How much does the VIP subscription cost?

You can choose between 4 options:

-a one month subscription for 3.99$.

-a 3 month subscription for 9.99$ that is 3.33$/month.

-a 6 month subscription for 17.99$ that is 3$/month.

-a one year subscription for 29.99$ that is 2.5$/month.

What happens when my subscription expires?

Before your subscription runs out you will be invited to renew.

If you do not renew, you will no longer be able to access all the exclusive features at the end of your subscription.

You will go back to the standard restrictions line any other non VIP roomers.

If at the end of your subscription you have 65 favourite roomers, for example, you will then be unable to add any more, since the limit is 50 favourite roomers, you will be forced to reduce the number to below 50 in order to add any new roomers.

How are the rooms monitored?

All public rooms are monitored by our team. You will be able to report illegal (ou ABUSIVE) content so that our team can intervene asap.

If you fail to respect the code of conduct, you might receive a warning or it might even lead to the closure of your account.

In this case you will not be eligible to ask for a refund of your VIP subscription and you will be denied all access.

Private rooms or chats are not subject to such monitoring.

Do you have any other questions? A bug in your app? Feedback?

If so, please use the form provided.