A real, easy-to-use messenger with intuitive features!

Roomco messenger is a true messaging service comparable to other well-known apps like whatsapp, facebook messenger or viber. You can invite your entire address book to join Roomco and start a discussion. The messaging service offered here, offers you the same functionality on your mobile. So, sign up fast, it takes a minute. You just fill in one of your emails, gmail for example, fill in your password, some additional informations and it will not take you more than a minute.

Roomco, instant messaging or Messenger app, is available on iOS and Android phone and tablets.

The Roomco mobile app available on tablet and smartphone is perfect for you! To contact the team, click on the "Contact" button in the application. Upon receipt we will reply to your email as soon as possible! Roomco is an app that requires very little data! Click the storage button available on your mobile or tablet to check. We will reply to all your emails, just look at your webmail.

The registration can be done by a simple email or by Facebook, In the future, Roomco will ask for the verification of the email, you will then simply connect to your email, click on the confirm button in bold type and your email will be checked.

On the instant messaging service Roomco, you can chat in private or in the rooms with everyone.

We do not require personal information such as address, only one of your emails is required to register with a password. It is for the moment not possible to use Roomco messaging on computer. The application is only usable on mobile or tablet. The storage space required to use the app is very minimal. Roomco is like a forum with much more features. You will love it!

To invite your address book to the Roomco email, simply click on the different locations of the app to share Roomco with your entourage. So don’t hesitate and create your first room!

Roomco Messenger