Roomco the number 1 forum with its thematic rooms!

Roomco is like a forum: ask your question to any member of the community on any topic (clothing, fashion, sport, music, latest trends), you will find someone to answer it.

A question about the release of the latest video game of the moment or about trendy clothing? On Roomco, everyone helps each other.

Discuss, exchange with other participants on topics of your choice!

On the social media network Roomco, everything is based on the exchange between participants. For example, if you want to get in touch with someone who loves travel, clothes or mangas, choose the room associated! If you want to meet a different type of person, just enter a different room. Want to be a moderator? Feel free to apply at contact@roomco.com!

Rooms are sorted alphabetically and by trending topics but not by category. In the search bar, you can search for a room by typing its name. Also, by scrolling the 3 rankings on the application homepage you can choose the category and the theme of your choice. The community is very inventive, you will have no harm in finding something that interests you.

A real mobile forum available for both IOS and Android platforms

Roomco is a software, app for iOS and Android smartphones with a very active community. A member or user will necessarily find his place on Roomco. Each participant or user must connect to their local internet network or WIFI to participate in this forum. Choose the category or room of your choice to start chatting. Each participant can ask a question like a question/answer game on this forum.

Roomco Forum