Roomco: the new social media network to have on its smartphone!

We hope you will love the concept just like our roomers already present on the app do. This social media network has been designed to please as many people as possible. Discover the list of our thematic rooms that evolve every day, every month.

Invite as many people as possible, your friends, and you’ll love the social aspect of Roomco. Roomco is not Instagram, it is neither a professional social network as LinkedIn can be. Roomco is a social messaging app and there is only 100% fun!

Social network Roomco available on iOS and Android mobile and tablets.

The Roomco app is available on every platform: iOS, iphone, ipad or android. An android app available on all major phone brands. Roomco is a very active social media network on many topics. The app allows a user to share a photo or video. The community grows every day and we hope one day to reach the million users :). Don’t we say the more, the merrier! There are many features allowing different user interactions. For example, you can send a message to a friend in favorites, create rooms, share your rooms with other users. So, feel free to download the Roomco app, now available on Android and iOS.

The social media network Roomco, which is a mobile platform like instant messenger whatsapp, has been designed for all ages, to please as many people as possible and so that each person can exchange on the thematic of their choice. So sign up quickly, Upload a photo in, chat with a friend, and then make new friends who share your passions.

A social media network based on exchange, sharing and interests.

The social media network Roomco, a new app like whatsapp that allows you to share content by message, offers 100% live chat groups! Roomco, a social media network active to the million users, well not yet but we hope soon 🙂 ! Our goal within the team is to reach this first million users, active each month, and that will make Roomco a successful bet. Become a Roomco user and download the app now.

Roomco, mobile app on android, iphone, ipad, allowing you to chat with users in real time, is innovative. Its ultimate goal, to meet and discuss people sharing the same interests and passions. A mobile user will then be able to within the android app, or iphone and ipad, send a photo, video or voice message for even more interactions.

Features that are not found on all social media networks!

For every mobile user, Roomco is available on android, iphone and ipad applications. The application allows you to send photos, videos of smileys, GIF and many other unique content!

Original content, within thematic rooms, allowing interactions between users, much more fun than a simple messenger as whatsapp 🙂 Don’t wait any longer, download the Roomco app now for a lot of fun and encounters!

Roomco Social Media